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4K-12 enrollment for 2022-2023


2022-2023 District State Report Card: Exceeds Expectations

27 of 382

Best Place to Teach in Wisconsin ( 2023)

50 of 371

Best School District in Wisconsin ( 2023)

Blue Ribbon

Gibraltar Elementary School--Blue Ribbon School 2018

Best Elementary

2022 US News and World Report

Best Middle School

2022 US News and World Report

Best High School

2021 US News and World Report



Caught Being Kind MS Student of March: Lillyana McDermott "Lillyana was working during advisory time. Another student needed a charger cord for his computer. Without missing a beat, she stood up and said that she could go and get hers to help the other student."

- Mrs. Hallett


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Cora Carriere will be attending University of Minnesota-Twin Cities majoring in Flute Performance


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Marshall Maltby will be attending Montana State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Teddy Roth will be attending Ole Miss: University of Mississippi majoring in Finance


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Lauren McNally will be attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College majoring in Mechanical Design Technology Engineering


Caught Being Kind MS Student of February: Leif Bergwin."When Leif was putting his lunch tray away he took the time to organize the other trays which were not stacked properly. He did this without being asked & this is important so the cafeteria staff can load the dishwasher efficiently"

- Mr. Glocke


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Braden Sitte will be attending UW-La Crosse majoring in Exercise and Sport Science


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Italia de la Torre will be attending Milwaukee Area Technical College majoring in Funeral Services


March Kind Student of the Month: Marshall Maltby."In a K-12 building there are more opportunities to interact across grade levels. Marshall has been especially kind and welcoming to younger students who look up to him and see him as a leader who is dedicated & works hard."

- Mr. DeBroux


Gibraltar values kindness & believes it is one of our core values. As such, our HS Peer Leaders & PBIS committee nominate a "Kind Student of the Month" who has access to a pristine parking spot in our lot for one month. This year, The Thirsty Cow is offering a free burger.

- Thank You, Thirsty Cow


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Abbey Nelson will be attending UW-Stevens Point majoring in Wildlife Management and Ecology


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Ella Greene will be attending UW-Stout majoring in Interior Design.


CLASS OF 2024: OPENING A NEW DOOR: Harrison Schwab will be attending Montana State University, majoring in Chemical Engineering


Caught Being Kind MS Student of January: Parker Gallant "Parker recently stayed after school to help clean up my room after a class that wasn't even his! He scrubbed the floor, washed brushes and plates, put the chairs up on the tables, and swept the floor."

- Mrs. Meikle

Ella Green

February Kind Student of the Month: Ella Greene. "I love Ella's positive drama-free approach to life. She is a fierce and quiet leader who always steps up to help support and encourage her peers."

- Mrs. Lindenberg


Caught Being Kind MS Student of December: Adorjan Szakala. "During his basketball game, a player from the opposing team fell to the ground. Adorjan was the first person to go over and help him up. It showed great sportsmanship."

- Officer Bemmann


January Kind Student of the Month: Vanessa DeMarinis. "Vanessa always includes everyone and makes them feel special. She is quick with a smile and a laugh. I love Vanessa's friendliness and willingness to put herself out there."

- Mrs. McCormack

Isabella and Elena

Big Sister Isabelle and Little Sister Elena--a new connection for BBBS!

- BBBS Connection

Pam and Olivia

A New Connection: Big Sister Pamela and Little Sister Olivia!

- BBBS Connection

Hector and Melanie

Help us welcome Big Sister Melanie and Little Brother Hector to BBBS!

- BBBS Connection

BBBS Kylie and Charlie

BIG welcome to our BBBS match. We hope that Big Sister Kylie and Little Sister Charlee have lots of fun together!

- BBBS Connection

BBBS Kyle and Carenna

Welcome BBBS match-Big Sister Carenna and Little Brother Kyle!

- BBBS Connection

BBBS match Kailey and Mason

We have a strong new Big Brother/Big Sister match! Big Sister McKailey and Little Brother Mason!

- BBBS Connection

Erik Wolfe

Caught Being Kind MS Student of December: Erik Wolfe. "Erik constantly reaches out to help his peers without being asked. He helps another student who is on crutches get from place to place."

- Mrs. Hoffman

Gwen December

December Kind Student of the Month: Gwen Sohns. "...She is welcoming, helpful, and kind to everyone she encounters. Gwen sets a wonderful example for our younger Vikings by how respectful and inclusive she is..."

- Ms. Alumbaugh


November Kind Student of the Month: AJ Rex "AJ is always so respectful and helpful. He says hello and asks how you are doing. He never hesitates to help his peers or teachers when they need it."

- Mrs. Bahrke


Caught Being Kind MS Student of October: Liam Hummel “Liam helped me pick up scooters in PE class without being asked and he was not a student using the scooters.”

- Mr. Glocke


October Kind Student of the Month: Lilla Szakala "Lilla is not only kind she is a strong leader that shows up for others while maintaining high standards."

- Ms. Fey


Caught Being Kind MS Student of September: Kayla Robertoy "I have consistently witnessed Kayla helping another student in class. She goes out of her way to help this student, always encouraging her to try to complete her work."

- Mrs. Hucek


September Kind Student of the Month: Samara Jauregui "Samara is so very caring of others! She always has a smile for you and makes you feel extra special! She's like a ray of sunshine when she comes into the IMC!"

- Iva