Degrees and Certifications:

BA- History and Political Science, UW-Madison MA- Educational Leadership and Curriculum

Mr. Nathan Roets


My name is Nathan Roets and in this school year I will be teaching World History, Psychology (1st Semester), Sociology (2nd Semester), AP Psychology, and AP Government and Politics.  My goal in teaching is to employ a less traditional lecture and worksheet approach and more of a student activities approach.  This style entails class discussions, research, small group projects, and analysis of historical documents and film documentaries. Thus, in my classroom students will not only be learning from me but also from their peers. 

 Generally, homework will be assigned three or four nights a week.  It will usually include reading a section from their textbook, which will include the major concepts, and completing a written assignment.  Depending on a student’s reading level (our textbooks are is written at least at a 10th-grade level) the homework should take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. 

 Thank you for your involvement in your child’s education.  I urge you to join us in the classroom at your convenience; you are always welcome.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please either call either me at (920) 686-3284 ext. 346 or email me at