• Pricing, Ala Carte and Offer vs Serve


    School Lunch, Breakfast and Ala Carte Pricing

    All student’s and staff are given a 4 digit pin # which will remain the same throughout their years at Gibraltar School. Lunch payments are accepted in the wooden boxes outside of the Elementary office, the Secondary office or the Business Office. Payments are not accepted in the cafeteria.

    • K – 5      $2.95
    • 6 – 12    $3.00
    • Adults   $4.30
    • Reduced Price Lunch 40 cents
    • Milk       45 cents, one milk is included with hot lunch/breakfast
    • Entrée  $2.25
    • Extra side, dessert           .75
    • Staff salad           $3.75


    K-12  $1.75

    Reduced  30 cents

    Staff, guest and additional breakfast  $2.25

    Ala Carte:

    breakfast sandwich  $1.75

    juice, breakfast bar or hashbrowns  .75


    A reimbursable breakfast consists of 3 components, milk, grain, fruit or vegetable.  If a protein item is offered and chosen it counts as a grain according to the National School Lunch Program.

    Offer Vs. Serve

    Gibraltar is an Offer vs. Serve school district. What this means is that a student may decline 2 meal components and still have a reimbursable lunch , per National School Lunch Program guidelines,  as long as one choice is a 1/2 cup serving of fruits or a 1/2 cup serving of vegetables. Student’s electing not to choose a 1/2 cup serving of fruits or a 1/2 cup  serving of vegetables will be charged ala carte pricing. A reimbursable meal is composed of 5 meal components; meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable, choice of milk (1%, skim, skim chocolate.)

    Default Lunch Account Information

    When a lunch account falls below -$10.00 the ability to purchase a la carte items will be deactivated until the account has a positive balance.  Current balances and purchases can be viewed online in the Skyward Family Access portal.  If you have questions, need assistance with access or need to make arrangements for payment, please contact Laura Anschutz in the Business Office 920-868-3284 x 246.