• 6th Grade ELA

    Welcome to 6th Grade ELA.

    Our English Language Arts curriculum contains many facets. We are excited to have recently adopted Lucy Calkins' Units of Study as our writing curriculum. Over the course of the year, we will be diving deep into strategies and skills necessesary to write personal narratives, literary essays, and research-based inforational writing. The students will be creating a published piece at the end of each unit. One great benefit to this curriculum is the emphasis on quantity as writers and building up their writing stamina.

    We have also adopted Lucy Calkins' UOS  reading curriculum. We will use the workshop model to privide a nice balance between direct instruction, small group work, indiviual reading time, and large group discussions. Our book clubs will push readers and hopefully get them thinking deeper about characters and story lines. The units include: A Deep Study of Character, Social Issues, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, and Tapping the Power of Nonfiction. I hope to instill a passion for reading in your child - hopefully they walk away from 6th grade with a love of books!



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