• Project 180

    Gibraltar Project 180 Members Agree to the Gibraltar Project 180 Honor Code. Any student grade 9-12 can join.

    I Pledge:

    As a member of Project 180, I realize that I am responsible for my own choices. I pledge not to use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, and I promise not to be in the presence of illegal drugs or underage alcohol use.  As a student leader, I will be a positive influence on other students and will be actively involved with the Project 180 movement. I will attend 75% of the Gibraltar Project 180 Meetings (not including excused absences) and will be an active member of a committee.


    I understand that if a county-wide officer is made aware of me breaking this Project 180 Honor Code, they will make the Gibraltar Project 180 advisor aware. My peers, coaches, advisors, and parents can hold me accountable, should it be necessary. I promise to accept the consequences, because I know that they have my best interests at heart. If my Project 180 promises are broken, there will be a meeting with the Gibraltar Project 180 Advisor. I will attend this meeting, and I will express my own opinions at this meeting. I hold myself accountable for the choices I make, and I understand my Project 180 peers are here to support me.

    Committees Students can be involved in are as follows:

    • Peer  Tutor   
    • Middle School Educator     
    • Athletic Team Representative                                           
    • Marketing & Public Relations                                                 
    • Advisor Honor Code Committee                                                         
    • Door County Alcohol & Other Drug Coalition Representative      
    • Records Committee                                                                                    
    • Prom Week Awareness Committee    

    Gibraltar Project 180 Members enjoy a night at a Green Bay Gambler game with other Door County Project 180 Members