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    Mrs. Lindenberg


    Hello!  I am Mrs. Trish Lindenberg and this is my 25th year teaching at Gibraltar.  It is a privilege to teach and live in such a beautiful place!   I live in Sister Bay with my husband, Brad and my three sons, Solomon -19, Sam -17, Liam -14, and our little furry friend, Cooper!  We enjoy going boating/fishing, golfing, and
    ball games.
    You may contact me at 868-2184 Ext. 220 or tlindenb@gibraltar.k12.wi.us.
    Currently, I teach four different health courses at the secondary school level along with 
    Driver Education.   Healthy Living Skills is an introductory level health class for 7th graders.  Health & Wellness is a semester class which is offered at the 10th grade level.  It explores topics that are Relevent, Real Life, and Right Now, meaning issues in the everyday life of a teenager.  Here are the National Health Education skills based standards and areas of content that are weaved within each health class. 
     Inner Wellness and Ladies on Life are upper level health elective courses which are offered for one semester.  For more specific information about each class, you may click on the blue tabs on the left hand side of this page.
    "Where there is health, there is hope."