• Welcome to the Gibraltar Elementary Multi-Age Classroom Webpage!

    Hello! My name is Emily Heidler and welcome to the Multi-Age program here at Gibraltar Elementary School. This program is a unique opportunity for kindergarten students and myself to collaborate with the incomparable Ms. Daubner, Mrs. Schleicher, Mrs. Henrigillis, Mrs. Sattler, and Mr. Burress.

    While our multi-age program of K-5 students will still be in multipule classrooms and each have their own space, students will come together for certain areas of instruction that allows flexible grouping to meet student’s academic and social needs. Students will be given individualized instruction in a safe and productive learning environment based on their needs as a learner; and specific grade level curriculum will still be taught in grade level classrooms at appropriate times.

    Multi-age education has many advantages including: quality relationships with teachers over a multi-year period, a positive multi-age classroom climate, a wider range of class roles with the group for students, and peer cross grade level tutoring where students learn from each other!  In addition to those exciting advantages, as a Kindergarten classroom we also provide gradual increase of personal independence in learning, use of Gradual Release Model allowing all students to become academically successful, small grouping, enriched academic activities, individual learning needs met on a daily basis, daily focus on success and moving forward building upon prior knowledge and most importantly, inspiring students to view learning as fun and become life-long learners!

    Our multi-age team will be working closely together to ensure the success of this new and exciting opportunity in learning.  It is growing each and every new day, just like the children within our program. Like the program, this site will also be growing over the course of the year and I hope you will check back from time to time to see the growth! 

    In the meantime, if you have any questions about our classroom or our multi-age program, please feel free to contact me at 920-868-3284 ext. 251 or by e-mail at

    Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!