• Health

    Health is a semester class which is offered at the 10th grade level. It explores topics that are Relevent, Real Life, and Right Now, meaning issues in the everyday life of a teenager. We use the skills of communication, accessing information, decision-making, advocacy, analyzing influences, goal-setting and self management to learn the following content areas.

    The 5 dimensions of health & wellness

    Mental Health including disorders, stress, depression, suicide and grief
    Human Relationships and Human Sexuality including care of the Reproductive System
    Nutrition and Dietary Behavior
    Substance Abuse and Addiction
    Heartsavers Course which includes CPR/AED Certification,

    Analysis of Health issues in the media.

    Inner Wellness and Ladies on Life are upper level health elective courses which are offered for one semester. For more specific information about each class, you may click on the blue tabs on the left hand side of this page.

    "Where there is health, there is hope."


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